Just the FAQ's!

The most common questions regarding everything from food and beverages to cancelations and swanky stuff!



Q1. What if I have food allergies or dietary restrictions?

Great Question! When you book any of our experiences you will be asked if you have any allergies or restrictions. We enjoy tailoring our tours to give our guests the best experiences, so if you have an allergy or dietary restriction please lets us know. We make sure the necessary adjustments are made, if possible, and ensure you have the best experience.

Q2. Are there vegan or vegetarian options?

Yes there are! In fact we have several delicious vegan and vegetarian options available on our tours.

The Antigua Foodie Tour: Note, we cannot gaurantee 10+ vegan tastings on this tour.

Q3. Should I eat anything before coming?

The Antigua Foodie Tour: We suggest you have a light breakfast, at most. We generally indulge in 10 or more tastings, so be sure to leave room to enjoy all that we have in store.

The TiPsY Tour: It's always best to eat before drinking.

The Beach Trip: We suggest you have breakfast.

Q4. Are there any beverages served?

Glad you asked! All of our tours and expereinces include some tasty beverages to quench your thirst.


1. Do you have to purchase tickets in advance?

Yes, you must purchase tickets in advnace. For most tours, there is a cut off time for purchases. We prefer that our guests purchase their tickets online to ensure the the best experience. However, if for some reason you can not pay online, please feel free to call or email us to discuss other possible payment arrangements.

2. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards and debit cards.

3. Can I cancel and/or get a refund?

Can't go? In the event that you can not take your tour, we will gladly provide a full refund when you cancel 5 days in advance of your schedueled tour date. There are no refunds for cancelations made less than 5 days of your scheduled tour date.

4. Can I reschedule my experience?

The Antigua Foodie Tour & The TiPSY Tour: Yes. We understand that life happens, sometimes while on vacation, so if you have unforeseen circumstances and need to reschedule we would be more than happy to accommodate you by rescheduling your tour. In order to successfully reschedule your tour we ask that you alert us no later than 3 hours before the tour. If rescheduling or an intent to reschedule is not provided within 3 hours of your scheduled tour, the regular cancellation policy applies. (Please see Cancellation Policy)

Note, the minimum booking requirements will apply to your rescheduled tour date. The tour must have the minimum amount of attendees, otherwise the regular cancellation policy applies. (Please see Cancellation Policy)

The Beach Trip: Please note, there is no rescheduling for The Beach Trip.

5. What is included in the price?

Our tour prices include fun, facts, fantastic food and drinks.

6. Does the price include gratuity for tour guides?

We do not include gratuity for tour guides in our price. If you enjoyed your experience, feel free to tip your guides! :)


1. What if it rains?

The Antigua Foodie Tour & The TiPSY Tour: The Antigua Foodie Tour and the Tipsy Tour are held, rain or shine. We happily provide umbrellas for our guests.

The Beach Trip: Please note that The Beach experience is not available during rainy season.

2. Are your experiences seasonal?

Yes. The Beach experience is not available during rainy season. On the bright side, all our other delicious tours are availble all year long! :)


1. Can I book a private event or experience?

Definitely! We would love to accommodate your request for a private event or custom experience.

2. Do you offer custom experiences?

Yes. Tailored tours and culinary events are our favorites! Let us know a few of the things that you like to do and we can curate an experience just for you!

3. Are gift certificates available?

Yes. We support giving gifts! You can purchase gift certificates here.

4. Do you sell swanky souvenirs and t-shirts?

Coming soon we will have the some of the most delicious non-edible t-shirts and keepsakes to remind you of all the fun we had together.